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Tarot - Suit of Cups

Glimpse into the world of the Heart - Emotions, Psyche, Temptation, Completeness

Ace of Cups

The Root of the Powers of Water

Numerical Value: 5
Season: Summer
Direction: West

Divinatory meaning
Upright - Faithfulness, tranquility, compassion, peace, fertility, joy, love.  A blessing that if we start with love our needs and desires will be blessed and result in beauty.  The commencement of creative or artistic projects.  All the positive powers of the unconscious mind

Reversed - The card is symbolic of changes for the worst, possibly a time of barrenness, which can be either of a physical or mental nature.  Failure of love, stagnation, despair and possibly loss of faith.

Two of Cups

The Lord of Love

Numerical Value: 2

Divinatory meaning
Upright - Affection, love, the coming together, a new beginning. Emotional affinity, sympathy, joyous harmony, the reconciliation of opposites in mutual trust.  Resolved differences, vulnerability in removing masks to share. 

Reversed - Separation, dissent, divorce, deceit or unfaithfulness in a personal relationship.  Misunderstandings and quarrels, love not returned 

Three of Cups

The Lord of Abundance

Numerical Value: 3


Divinatory meaning
Upright -  Joy, Bliss, Abundance. A fortunate end to a valued project or venture.  A birth either physical or of a mental idea.  Great happiness as the result of a marriage or a birth.  Something coming to fruition that was conceived out of love.  A card of abundant fertility, trust harmony, maternity and the healing of ills.  Possibly a celebration.

Reversed -Selfishness and sensuality.  Loss of happiness.  Loveless sex, unbridled passion, famine, illness possibly associated with smoking or over-eating. Promiscuity and obesity. 

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