About Us

About Us


We understand that everyone has their own path to walk.  There may be detours and temporary stops but if you  keep true to yourself and take the high road as often as possible life will take you on a remarkable journey. That's why we are here.  To help those on their journey! 

Introducing the Mythic Team!

Sue  - The Owner

Alex - Oversees our Magic Dept.  He is a very knowledgeable Occultist and Wiccan Practitioner.  Also Alex speaks Spanish fluently to assist our Hispanic customers.  He has been with Mythic Treasures for over 10 years.

Alyssa - Oversees our Crystals/Stone Dept.   She is bringing her energy and knowledge to provide you a great selection of stones.

Andy Paige - Receives all our products and gets them on the floor,  This is a huge undertaking but she is keeping it running  smoothly. 

Chris - Is just starting and is going to keep all the accounting in order.

Dave - Oversees our Book and Tarot Card Department.  He's doing a great job at getting everything organized for you to browse through.

Jake -  Our astrology expert!  He  is our cashier and is there to assist you in finding products and getting answers for any of your questions. 
Jessie - Our in-house jewelry wrapper.  She works at getting a lot of the jewelry identified and  put out on the floor.

Joe -  Is the Assistant Manager that oversees our entire facility.   He makes sure everything in our store is easy for customers to see.   Also he is an expert in alternative healing practices and is very knowledgeable  in a variety of healing modalities, particularly Shamanism.

Luna -  Is our Earth Goddess expert.   She is there to help cash customers out and to assist them  with any questions they may have.   She has been putting up a lot of informational signs on our stones and statues.

Malina - Oversees our Jewelry Dept and high end stones area.  She has been busy organizing the department, which has seen many changes lately.

Mike -  Works the front end, assisting with cashiering and stocking the shelves.

Rauncie - Oversees the Candle and Incense Department.  She has done a great job organizing the department.  Rauncie is also a High Priestess of her coven,  the Pagan Chaplain for RIT and a tarot reader.  You can make an appointment for a reading at www.rauncie.org.

Tim -  Is the Assistant Manager for the store, handing purchaing and all the computer work to keep track of everything.