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Mythic Treasures

Free Birth Charts & Horoscopes

The following free Astrological services are provided by other websites.  I find them useful and fun but keep in mind that while a lot of this information is free they also sell other related services.  My posting of them here is not an endorsement for their products or services.  I leave that for you, the user, to decide.  Enjoy the free info!

 Get your Free Astrological Charts - To Start fill in the Natal Horoscope Info box.  Then  select to display Natal Horoscope or Daily Forecast! 

Astro Calendar

Click on Sun, Moon or Retrograde sign to get more info

You can use the following program to obtain your Natal chart, Astrological Report with Printing Options.  Click on the Natal Chart tab and then select New Chart.  You will fill in the same info as you did above.  I see no purpose to saving the info to a browser so I suggest to unclick that option.  After entering the data, the Natal Chart will display. By clicking again on the Natal Chart tab you can select to print the chart and to display your  astrological horoscope.  There are other options but they charge a fee for some of them.  I suggest sticking with the free options.

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