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Meet the May Goddess - Lakshmi


Last month we looked at Sarasvati, the Hindu Maiden Goddess. This month we look at the Hindu Mother Goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is beautiful and is a Goddess of Abundance. Those of the Hindu faith go to her for abundance of all kinds, including spiritual abundance. She, like mothers everywhere, wants to give good to her children. (That’s us!) Many come to her to get financial help, and she surely will bring you material prosperity. I always chant her name when paying bills. We can whine and complain about how much everything costs, but that is an attitude of scarcity. Instead we can thank Lakshmi that we have the funds to pay this bill in the moment now. Try chanting her name when you pay bills. See how abundant you feel!

Often she is pictured with elephants, and there is a close relationship between Lakshmi abundance and Ganesha, the elephant god who removes obstacles. If you study Ganesha, you see how his energy and Lakshmi’s work together. We have talked of Lakshmi’ relationship to us as our providing Mother. And of her relationship to the elephant god’s removal of obstacles. But if you want favors from this Goddess, you are advised to honor her relationship to Vishnu her lover. Vishnu is the sustainer of life. Avatars of Vishnu include Krishna and the Christ. If you worship Vishnu and sing his praises, you are much more likely to receive abundance from Lakshmi. She is more appreciative of praises to Vishnu than of praises to herself.

When I first met Lakshmi, she teased me that I was pretending not to want anything so I could be more “spiritual.” And so I could get what I wanted. Laughing, she clearly told me that pretending not to want anything would not get me her blessings!

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