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10 Wisdom Goddesses -Mala Series

AUTHOR: Jenna Bernardi

My Goddess adventures have lately taken me to a very specific Hindu Tantric practice with the 10 wisdom Goddesses.  They are all aspects of Shakti, the energy of creation which is considered Female (as opposed to the contemplative stillness of the Male Shiva.) Rooted in study of Haresh Johari, and David Frawley, my work with Shakti sparked anew when I read the book Shakti Rising: Embracing Shadow and Light on the Goddess Path to Wholeness by Kavitha M.  Chinnaiyan, MD. Combining that wisdom with our monthly mala meditation, Gabriel and I intend a series based on these Goddess tools.  Steeped in yogic philosophy, the tools help us to escape the sorrow of clinging to false desires.  In addition to the monthly mala, we will be recommending a monthly spiritual practice for freedom from this sorrow. There will be a chart provided to participants, but if anyone would like a sneak preview, email me at Gabriel is currently offering mala on 3 aspects of the Buddha.  We anticipate beginning our Shakti series in April.

10 Wisdom Goddesses

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