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Decision Time? Ask Hecate, the Queen of the Crossroads for Assistance! by MaryAnne

Do you have to make a decision and don't know what to do? Call on Hecate to assist you.

Hecate is the Goddess of the crossroads- especially roads that branch out into two directions like a Y. It is a place and time where you have to take control, and make a decision that is usually life changing.

Crossroads are considered liminal or a place between worlds (a tween). A tween is a very magickal, sacred space because it is a place where time stands still and there is no time and no precise start or end. An example is stairs. . When does the first floor become the second floor. A doorway and window are also liminal. When does the outside become inside. Strong, powerful magick happens here.

Hecate is a Triple Crown Goddess. She encompasses the characteristics and magick of the maiden, mother, crone. She is the Goddess of the underworld - guarding the souls of the dead. She protects women and children (especially those in abusive relationships). She rules the earth and heavens. Her torch lights the path for all to see. She is sometimes represented by a key as she can open doors that are locked to you.

One-way to work with Hecate is to find a crossroads that is preferably dirt or one that isn't well traveled. You leave an offering in the center where the roads intersect (a list is below). Some may stand in the center. Most will stand to the side. Call her by name and state specifically what your problem or need is. When finished thank her. You may take some of the dirt from the road. You can leave another gift off to the side of the road if you feel so inclined to.

*** It is Very Important That Once You Leave The Crossroad That You NEVER Look Back. You may hear her footsteps or her dogs. Keep going and looking straight ahead.

Hecate is a Goddess that works best if you develop a relationship with her. You can set up an altar for her and leave offerings. Working with her can be rewarding, amazing, and life changing.



Bodily fluids





Crow/Raven feathers




Graveyard dirt





***These are only suggestions. Please follow your gut and instincts when leaving an offering.

Hecate is an early Greek goddess that may be originally from Asia Minor. According to Hesiod, a Greek Poet, she is the daughter of the Titan, Perses, and the nymph, Asteria, and has power over heaven, earth and sea, presiding over all magic and spells and bestowing blessings of wealth and for daily life. She is typically pictured carrying torches. She later was represented triple-formed probably so that she could look in all directions when standing at the crossroads. She would be accompanied by several dogs.

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