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What is the Rose of Jericho Flower?

The Rose of Jericho (Anastatica Hierochuntica) is known by many names: Resurrection Flower, Kaff Maryam, Jericho Rose, Hand of Maria and Hand of Fatima. There is another plant that is very similar. It is called Selaginella lepidophylla and it is native to Mexico and the southwest U.S. This is sometimes called the "fake" rose of Jericho, but it has been found to be easier to grow. Both are known for their ability to come back to life. In the desert without water, they will curl up into a dry ball (similar to a tumbleweed). In this form it hibernates and protects the flowers that are inside of the ball until it finds water. .It can blow around the desert for years as a dried up husk. But once it finds water it will resurrect itself and bloom green. When the water dries up the plant once again turns brown and dies until new water is located. The Rose of Jericho plant can last for years; dying and resurrecting itself, which is how it earned it's name as the Resurrection Plant.

The plant symbolizes resurrection, transformation, renewal and prosperity to people of many faiths. Hoodoo practitioners often use Rose of Jericho in prosperity spells. Santeria associates the plant with the spirit of thunder and lightning and uses it as a spiritual offering. Catholic families often bring out their Rose of Jericho to bloom around Christmas and Easter because it symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. Many will use it in spells and rituals for money, attraction and removing negativity. There are also supposed health benefits which I leave to the health experts.

The Rose of Jericho can be used to resurrect any aspect of your life; from improving finances, restoring love, etc. Simply place your plant in a shallow dish without drainage holes and some pebbles or gravel on the bottom. Fill it with water until the pebbles are just barely submerged. Perch your Rose of Jericho on top so that the roots touch the water. Place in indirect light (like on a countertop in a sunny kitchen) and watch the magic happen! You can use Holy Water if you like.

The water from the bowl is considered a powerful magic tool and can be used in spiritual baths, floor washes, wiping down doors to bring in prosperity and good fortune, etc. To resurrect something you can take the live plant and put a written spell in the center describing what you would like to resurrect. Feel free to add small items that may increase your intentions. Then take the plant out of the water and let it die leaving the spell ingredients in the center. You can place it in a paper bag to keep it safe. When you are ready place the plant in water to resurrect the plant again, along with your spell.

It’s hard to truly kill a Rose of Jericho. You can let it dry out completely and it will be good as new when you put it in water again. The only thing you don’t want to do is leave it in water for too long, as this can cause it to rot. The trick is to let a Rose of Jericho rest in between waterings instead of leaving it in water indefinitely. This allows it to dry out and refresh between periods in water, which will keep the plant alive longer. These plants are actually very long-lived and have even been passed down generations in families!

Tip: Use distilled water or let tap water sit out overnight to allow the chlorine and any other chemicals to evaporate before adding to your plant.

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