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March's Enchantment "Pot of Gold Spell" by Alex


A bowl (It’s use is just for the spell)

A gold candle,

A pin (to carve your positive intention onto the candle)

A piece of paper with your positive intention of desire written on

A yellow ribbon

Seven Mojo beans


Best to perform this enchantment on a Sunday.

On a Sunday at 3pm (hour of the sun) assemble all your ingredients before you.

Sprinkle a circle of salt around you and your working space where you will be working your wish enchantment.

Next grab your pin and carve into the gold candle your desire, add symbols that best represent your desire as well.

Light the candle and say:

“Upon this candle I have written, I ask to receive this wish tonight.

Oh, spirit of the golden rays grant me all my wish by rays of your solar light. Blessed be.”

Now grab your intention fold it three times towards you to bring your desire towards you. And grab the yellow ribbon and wrap the ribbon three times to seal the intention. Place your written intention into the bowl, add your seven mojo beans on top of your petition.

Now bless the bowl by placing your hands over the spell and sending positive energy while chanting:

“ I call earth to bind my spell,

Air speed it’s travel well,

Fire give it spirit from above,

Water quench my spell with love. “

Repeat the charm nine times. On the ninth repetition blow out the candle, to send forth the spell.

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