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Healing Spell for May by IAM


A white figure candle (in the gender of the person needing healing)

Sandalwood oil or lemon essential oil

A white plate


Best to perform the spell on a Sunday or a Monday

Before casting the spell, it is important to ask permission to the person you’re doing the healing work for. Always ask for their permission.

When ready assemble your ingredients in front of you. Sprinkle a circle of salt around you in clock-wise formation. This will create a positive space of positive energy.

Next grab your white figure candle and dress the candle in the essential oil that you have chosen. As your anointing the candle, visualize the oil clearing away any illness or negative around the person. It is best to anoint the candle from the top to the bottom of the feet.

Once this is accomplished you can place the white figure candle on the white plate and surround it with a circle of salt. Light the candle and as the candle burns visualize for a few minute the person you’re doing the healing work for, being positive, loving and happy. Visualize good energy around the person. Some healers tend to surround the person with pink light while they are visualizing healing and wellness. Take your time visualizing.

When you’re ready open your eyes and seal the spell with the words “blessed be.”

Let the candle completely burn itself out, once it’s done know with much confidence that the spell is in work.

Blessed be


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