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Mythic Treasures has been in business since 1990 and has evolved into a mythical, magickal wonderland!  We are a multi-pathed store with a knowledgeable & friendly staff!  Let us help you find all the tools you need to create & walk your own path.  
Let the scents of the Incense & Candles calm your spirit. 
Dragons, Fairies & Ancient Gods will inspire you.  
Energize yourself with our large selection of crystals & stones.
Expand your mind browsing through our books.
Let the scents of the Incense & Candles calm your spirit. 
Do a little positive spellcasting with our magickal ttools. 


The Original Taott Deck

The Original Taott Deck

The Original Tarot Deck is a 78 card deck based on the Rider Waite images. It comes with a little white instruction book. Satin finish card stock. $18 Each CLICK TO SHOP

Harmonia Gem Spray 5 oz

Harmonia Gem Spray 5 oz

Choose from 10 Essential Oil Sprays with intention based Gemstone Chips: Protection, Clarity, Divine Connection, Healing, Guidance, Grounding, Love, Universal Love, Passion, Prosperity, $10 each CLLICK TO SHOP

Orthoceras Fossil with Hole

Orthoceras Fossil with Hole

Orthoceras Marblied Fossil with drilled hole. It can be used by jewelry makers. From Morocco 2-4" Long $3.95 each Click to Shop

Florida Water 7.5 oz

Florida Water 7.5 oz

Florida Water is a citrus based cologne with lavender and clove It is used for many cleansing and protection rituals and spells $7.00 for 7.5 oz bottle CLICK TO SHOP

Moon Vibes Incense Sticks

Moon Vibes Incense Sticks

Choose the moon phase for your Ritual - New, Full, Crescent, Waxing or Waning. 30 sticks w/ a wood burner $4.99 each CLICK TO SHOP

Magical Elements Incense Sticks

Magical Elements Incense Sticks

Choose Elemental Incense for Rituals - Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Soul! 30 sticks w/ a wood burner $4.99 each CLICK TO SHOP


Magickal Workshop

Altars and Basic Magickal Tools!

Magickal Workshop

Creating a Dream Guardian

Tarot Readers, Mediums and Healers at Mythic Treasures

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Currently we have the following guest readers at the store.  

Belinda, is a Medium  She is at the store Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  You can text her at 585-233-4347 for an appointment.


Rauncie reads Tarot and has a Victorian Reading Parlor located inside Mythic Treasures.  She is available by appointment.  You can click on this link to see her Tik Tok video about her readings. 

Cristian Mateo is here on Wednesday.  He is a Tarot Reader, Medium, Numerologist and more. Text him at 585-261-3291 to make an appointment

Gloria Thayer reads here on Thursday.  She does Tarot Readings and Mediumship.  Special Bone Readings for couples in February and more.  Call her at 585-270-8013 to make an appointment.


The readers do their own scheduling.  Please contact them for their availability and costs.  They are also available for other events

Photo Tour - A Sampling of Our Products

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Healers are also available!

We have several healers that are here on a regular basis. 


Robyn, from Soul Mind Body Wellness, is here every Thursday 3-6 pm and by appointment.  She does Tao Readings & Healing Blessings, Calligraphy, Tao Song and Kuan Yin Lineage Holder Blessings. 

Vikki is a Registered  Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner.  She will be here  to offer her healing services.  For an appointment or to discuss massage, please call or text her at 585-507-9292. Vikki also can be contacted through Facebook & Instagram. 

Melanie, from Golden Way Natural, is a certified hypnotist and will be offering sessions and workshops shortly.

Mythic Rewards Program


We have a Rewards Program

for our loyal customers!

It is free to sign up and the Rewards don't expire.

Get 1 point for every dollar spent and earn a cash discount.  

You'll also get special discount offers and free birthday incense.

Community Support

To support local artists and practitioners we offer 

an opportunity to do free in-store pop up shops.

Also we have rooms available for local practitioners 

for readings and healings.  Reasonable Rates. 

Click here for more info


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